• Family day

    This weekend Cassia is going back to university. Fortunately it is only Portsmouth, about an hour and a half drive away, so we can do more than one trip! We managed a bit of a lie-in this morning as Cassia had to be at her new house at 2 pm to meet with the landlady […]

  • And it’s the weekend!

    Managed to finish early(ish) today. All the deliveries came early and the day seemed to go well so I was able to cash up and be home by about 3 pm. Am so glad I don’t have to run the shop by myself (take full responsibility is what I actually mean) as deliveries would drive […]

  • Quiet Thursday

    A little tense at work the last couple of days. There’s a lot of mediation to be done when working with so many people who are doing their best but not always in agreement with anyone else! However, it is wonderful to spend so much time with so many really nice people. I am trying […]

  • Autumn is coming

    It’s been ages since I last wrote, and now the summer is over. We had a lovely summer and felt so lucky to live in such a beautiful place . I meet people every day who have paid to come here on holiday and we get to enjoy it al lthe time. In the mornings […]

  • Mornings

    Feel so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. We go for our morning walk (1.9 miles around the village) and every morning is different. The past few mornings we have seen a fox and deer but every morning we see some brown cows enjoying the early morning sun, blackbirds buzzards, […]

  • What a week!

    Well, had a lovely birthday on Wednesday, a delicious meal and a couple of glasses of champagne and went off to bed. Then at five minutes to midnight we had a call from an ambulanceman who was taking Cassia to the hospital with a head wound. After our hearts started beating again we set off […]

  • Birthday

    My birthday today (and my dad’s and at least 3 other people in the village and one of Laura’s friends – what was up with people during the last week of July?) . Jon & I went for our walk at 6.15 this morning and it was beautiful. Very misty and soft and we saw […]

  • Fox & Hounds

    Tonight Jon & I are off to the Fox & Hounds for supper. We won a voucher in the raffle at the Village Quiz night last December (it was a good evening, Laura won champagne in the Tops & Tails game at the beginning, we won the Quiz and then most of us won raffle […]

  • After Easter

    We had a lovely Easter. Nicky Fordyce-Browne and her two children arrived on Good Friday afternoon for a couple of days. We spent Friday afternoon sitting in the sunshine on the terrace and then they went to Longleat with Ted and Cassia on Saturday to enjoy a “Deadly Sixty Day” and on Saturday evening Trevor […]

  • Versailles (2)

    Versailles (2)

    Our last day of the holiday…. As we had been upgraded to our lovely room, we had decided to treat ourselves to breakfast. So after an early morning swim we went down to the beautiful dining room (where the Versailles Treaty was signed) walking through the gallery where the buffet was set out. The staff […]

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